Memory and Security

We prioritize our client's privacy and ensure strict adherence to EU and US regulations regarding data hosting. All information transmitted through our infrastructure is encrypted, and we offer zero data retention upon request.


With Memory, structure is prevalent, and is derived from an institutional hierarchical model. This can be a company, a school, a university, a cultural institution, but also an informal workgroup such as an entire industry or a courthouse.
Unlike most commercial tools, Memory benefits from a coherent, unified organization in the form of modules. The sharing of secure content was conceived from the outset. The notion of security is at the very origin of the tool, which is conceived as both a collaborative and a supervisory platform.

Data security and localization

In addition, Memory is built around European servers, French programmers and French companies. The aim of Memory's CEO and Team, is both to secure the tool and to make it extremely effective in terms of network relations.
The equation between freedom and security is often a difficult one to resolve. You choose a tool for its security, but the user is restricted in his or her ability to customize the tool, or you have a very open tool, but in this case security flaws quickly appear and each user is likely to influence the software structure.  Memory will have established the right balance by analyzing the behavioral dimension of users, and will have favored a structure that is both modular and secure.

Memory respects the data processing of these users with RGPD standards.

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Green IT & RSE

Highly ambitious technical choices for very low CO2 emissions with our serverless technology.

If you're calculating your carbon footprint as part of your CSR approach, Memory will give you the exact value of its CO2 footprint.