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The Future of Knowledge with an intelligent content platform with AI-powered Search.

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The one-stop solution for all your content managment and sources of content of all kind.

Power and simplicity

Artificial intelligence and machine learning at your service. Powerful, automated indexing and classification, for an ultra-powerful search engine.
Very high accessibility
Infinitely scalable access performance. UX Design interface for all users. 100% accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer.
100% customizable
Fully customizable with your brand, colors, logo, URL and business variables.
Ergonomic, NoCode interface, for all users and all industries.Solution in SaaS mode.
Environmental impact at the heart of our decision-making criteria.Very low CO2 emissions from our serverless technologies.

A unique source of truth.

Fight fake news by showing and certifying your own content.

Create a universal centralized knowledge hub with Memory

Universal content platform for any sector. 
Create your own customized resource portal to centralize all your content: videos, textual informations, documentation, images, audios, podcass, archives and projects, in any format.

Thousands of possible automations!

Give more power to your content and make it your most strategic asset.

Make your content shareable and searchable easily.
Give it the value it deserves!

McKinsey claims that employees waste 1.8 hours a day searching for information,
for a total of 9.3 hours a week.

Navigate through huge amount of content and data with custom, auto-generated, relevant reports.

They already have their Memory
Unified source of content
Break down information and content silos and create a complete, unified content source.
Internal and external content sources feed into a single entry point.
Harmonized content
Use your templates to unify your content and create a single user experience, for your audience.
Improve your processes with AI
Automate repetitive and routine tasks to boost your teams' productivity, concentration and innovation.
Integration and automation
Take advantage of powerful integrations to meet your everyday needs. Thousands of possible automations!

Experience creator

The science of content, the driving force behind knowledge economic activity.

Instant preview

Allows visual inspection of digital experiences before publication.

Instant access to relevant knowledge with intuitive search.

Filter content by title, description, metadata, category, publishing date, and use in-document search to instantly surface the exact content you need without tirelessly digging through content and files.

"Searching for content across more than 100 content sources has never been easier or more user-friendly"

Jean-Pierre Berthet, Chief Digital Officer at Sciences Po

Happy users save, who time and boost productivity.

They bring value to their communities and audiences.

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Green IT & RSE

Highly ambitious technical choices for very low CO2 emissions with our serverless technology.

If you're calculating your carbon footprint as part of your CSR approach, Memory will give you the exact value of its CO2 footprint.