The guardian of institutional culture

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The guardian of institutional culture
Explore your world dedicated to preserving and celebrating your institution's rich cultural heritage. Memory is your digital library where your institution's stories, achievements and traditions come to life.
At the heart of culture
We understand the importance of preserving and passing on your institution's culture. That's why we offer a dedicated space where every event, every achievement and every memorable moment can be preserved for future generations. Whether it's historical archives, works of art, articles, moving testimonials or moments of collective pride, there's a place for it all on your platform.
A constant source of inspiration
An institution's culture is a reflection of its identity and values. With Memory, you can not only preserve that culture, but also enrich and inspire it. Bring your age-old traditions to life, share your community's successes and cultivate a stronger sense of belonging than ever before.
Connecting generations
Memory creates a bridge between your institution's past, present and future. By allowing past, present and future members of your community to share their experiences and stories, we strengthen the bonds that unite each generation. It is this timeless connection that makes your institution a place where history is lived and rewritten every day.
Celebrating cultural diversity
Each institution has its own cultural identity, shaped by its vision, ambitions and contributions. With Memory, you can highlight this cultural diversity by celebrating the traditions, events and achievements that characterise it. From music and art to festivals and performances, every aspect of your institutional culture has a place on your platform.
Join us in this cultural adventure
Memory is not a storage tool. It's a dynamic community of cultural custodians, committed to preserving and promoting the very essence of institutions. Join this cultural adventure and discover how Memory can transform the way your institution celebrates its past, lives its present and imagines its future.
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Memory revolutionizes the way you create and manage content and medias.

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Manage easily the visibility of your content: public, internal, confidential.
Create playlists based on dynamic filters, pre-built blocks and attribute values.

Full customization

Set your logo, your URL domain, your branding, colors and filters and create infinite pages in seconds.

Members and roles are fully editable

Complete management of members, roles, rights and visibility parameters.

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Memory allows users to embed various apps, such as Google Drive, YouTube videos, PDFs, Spotify Podcasts, Genially, directly into their Memory pages.

Display external media easily

More than 30 app embedable

Native integration

Fully integrated and automated

API, Webhooks
Build strong online communities with our customer care tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
Automation products
Devise a publishing strategy and organize posts across profiles, networks and campaigns witha visualized calendar.
Public products
Google, Microsoft, LMS (Moodle)
Marketing products
Brevo and Mailchimp

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