Let's give to your content the superpowers that it deserves!

Based on your content,
get answers and relevance with an ultra-powerful search engine.

How does Memory do it?

All kind of format is automatically indexed.
Your last conference (video) , a podcast (audio), a rich article or (text)
or a 100 pages document.

Let' reveal key points
within your videos and audios

Find and ask anything

Chapters and summaries
Videos and audos are transcribed, analyzed and despite unstructured data, with the help of AI, chapters and summaries are generated.
Key points
Every speaker (voice) is recognized and helps the creation of key points for every chapter or section.
All these elements feed the search engine's capacity and are time-stamped for a very precise access to information.
They already have their Memory

Endless possibilities

NoCode philosophy.

Memory revolutionizes the way you create and manage content and medias.

Eveything is packed with a set of simple, modular tools to enhance and organize your content quickly and effortless.

Organize and display content

Manage easily the visibility of your content: public, internal, confidential.
Create playlists based on dynamic filters, pre-built blocks and attribute values.

Full customization

Set your logo, your URL domain, your branding, colors and filters and create infinite pages in seconds.

Members and roles are fully editable

Complete management of members, roles, rights and visibility parameters.

Embed your favorite tools

Memory allows users to embed various apps, such as Google Drive, YouTube videos, PDFs, Spotify Podcasts, Genially, directly into your Memory pages.

Display external media easily

More than 30 app embedable

Native integration

See full app's list

Fully integrated and automated

API, Webhooks
Link your favorite tools using our secure APIs and Webhooks.
Automation products
Simplify and optimize publishing processes and strategy with the most common automation tools.
Public products
Google Workspace, Microsoft, LMS (Learning Managment System).
Marketing products
Connect your marketing tools like Brevo and Mailchimp, Sendgrid.

Everything you need,
in one place!

Learn how Memory can help take your content and media to the next level.

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