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Unified source of content
Eliminate information and content silos and create a complete, unified source of content, linking and integrating intranets, external platforms and LMSs.
Keep digital assets organized
Take advantage of powerful integrations to meet your everyday needs.
Use your templates to unify your content and create a single user experience.
Access and value
Personalized access to educational and scientific products, as well as to school projects and events.
Teachers briefs related projects organization for increasing value.
Improve your processes with AI
Automate repetitive and routine tasks to boost your teams' productivity, concentration and innovation.
Thousands of possible automations!

Giving more value
and a unified experience

Less time searching

Allow students to find essential informations, resources, others students works, teachers thesis  and guidelines in one place, save time and effort in searching information.
Showcase and enhance  the work of your students.

An educational tool for teachers

Provide a comprehensive source of information and inspiration, teaching curriculum, articles and various teaching material.
A framework for organizing pedagogical work and students work.

Sharing knowledge and Breaking down content silos

Gather all the institution's knowledge, enhance and share it, and consolidate all sources of content to make them available to everyone or exclusively to the staff.

A trusted and respected ally of educational institutions and schools.

Education Usecases

The memory of your institution.
Thesis, Briefs, Projects, Conferences, Podcasts, Articles, Knowledge, Publication, Competition.

Strate, École de Design

To give future designers and design enthusiasts alike access to an immense source of inspiration around the unique visions created by generations of designers at the school.

➡️ Visit Strate Memory.

CY, École de Design

The full student project library.

All CY projects are carried out in conjunction with partners, as we are committed to a project-based approach to teaching.

➡️ Visit CY, école de Design.

Instant access to relevant knowledge and projects with intuitive search.

Organize by briefs, filter content by title, description, metadata, category, publishing date, sector, promo, curriculum search to instantly surface the exact content you need without tirelessly digging through content and files.

Create a universal centralized knowledge hub with Memory

Universal content platform for any sector. 
Create your own customized resource portal to centralize all your content: videos, textual informations, documentation, images, audios, podcasts, archives and projects, in any format.

Thousands of possible automations!

"There is no school, but there is evidence of school.
Memory brings them together, values them and shows them off, like no one else."

Dominique Sciamma, Director "CY, Ecole de Design"

Academic Excellence as a Source of Inspiration

By showcasing these outstanding productions, we encourage our students to aspire to ever greater heights. Every project, every meticulously crafted article and every piece of in-depth research is proof that excellence is within the reach of all those dedicated to learning. By praising outstanding achievement, we create an environment where sustained effort and individual ambition are celebrated.

They support us with passion