Unleash the superpowers
of your content

Intelligence and time savings for small companies to large groups.

Share relevant company's knowledge with your team in an instant, always accessible and actionable.
Unlock your organization's biggest resource–its knowledge.
Search your content, regardless of the format. 
Videos, audios and documents are now accessible.
Spare time by improving your processes with AI and creating automations with every tool you and out team  are  using daily.
Quickly find answers related to your content.
Use filters and set a selection of content and expect a more accurate answer.

Instant access to relevant knowledge and projects with intuitive search.

Bank of projects, video hub, podcasts selection, articles curation, internal knowledge.
Filter content by title, description, metadata, category, publishing date, sector, search to instantly surface the exact content you need without tirelessly digging through content and files.

Find and ask anything

Consolidate every source
Connectors (API, Webhook, Automation tools) lets you connect and aggregate every kind of sources.
Rich medias
Videos an audios are summarized, chaptered and with the help of AI, videos and audios  power up your gold mine of knowledge.
Same treatment for PDF documents as well.
Chapters, summaries and keypoints are related to timestamps and all these elements feed the innovative search engine's capacity.

Your platform, your way

Create your universal centralized knowledge hub with Memory

Universal content platform for any sector. 
Ideal for medias, digital, financial, phrarma, IP, legal and health companies.
Create your own customized resource portal to centralize all your content: videos, textual informations, documentation, images, audios, podcasts, archives and projects, in any format.

Thousands of possible automations!

A trusted and respected ally of companies, medias and local authority.

"My Memory has become my reference tool for managing all my programming, the bands and all informations related.
It really saves me 5 hours a week!" -
Mathilde Bellaiche

Mathide Bellaiche, CEO "Wild Mix"

They support us with passion